Why do students have less interest in doing Engineering nowadays?

Not interested in engineering

In this topic I will discuss about the issue “Why students are not showing interest in Engineering”. Majority of Indians are aware about the major career options available here in India . That are Engineering and MBBS. According to me these below are the few reasons of students having less interested in engineering.

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Reasons why students have less interest in doing Engineering


Major issue is no of unemployed engineers. The major part of placement is done in software Companies Like TCS and Infosys. Even a mechanical engineering graduate have to work in it with A annual package of 3 to 4 LPA (Lakhs per Annum, which is Rs. 25K -33K).

2. Amount of engineering colleges available

There is no competition in being a engineer now a days. Almost every cities have bunch of engineering colleges and a student who has hardly qualified is plus 2 exam can become a engineers.

3. No new inventions things are more theoretical rather being practical

I have seen a mechanical guy who doesn’t even know how to cut a piece of wood. Just qualify a paper and you are now on a list of engineering graduate, nothing practical.

People are not showing interest in engineering

4. Other Reasons

The decrease in interest towards engineering is because of so many engineering institutions which made engineering lose its value. No good infrastructure and improper teaching methodologies made the quality of engineering degrade. The number of people who get placed every year from the total number of people graduating is very low because of lack of skill in the graduates. In past few years people opted Engineering just because of IT boom.

Now people realised that the number of people already graduated are in lakhs without any job. People who join Engineering degree doesn’t have the passion and creativity required for engineering, they just opt engineering because it has got lots of jobs. Therefore people graduating every year doesn’t have the standard that is required for engineering and they eventually are not placed in any job. This has forced people to lose interest in Engineering.

“Engineering is not only study of 45 subjects but it is moral studies of intellectual life“

My View on this topic

In my view..its because of the society. Because most of the intermediate qualified students are the target of today’s people of Society as they just makeup the brains of students with stuff like engineering has no value these days and it’s best to degree and the fact is that most of the parents don’t even listen to their children’s decision and just blindly go with the society people’s half minded thoughts. As their parents force them not to study engineering most of the students loose interest in Studying engineering..!!!

people are not showing interest in engineering

Now a days the course or study we are doing has completely become job oriented instead of knowledge or learning. By knowledge we can create jobs for our-self as well as for others. Job should be our need and knowledge should be our priority. Today’s condition is totally opposite, not only in engineering but in other fields also.