Top YouTube Channel for Programming Language

Here is the top national and and international YouTube channel for learning programming language like C, C++, C#, Java, Python, etc. I have selected both Hindi learning and English learning channels available on YouTube.


It has never been easier to learn how to program, but with high quality content all over the internet everyone is learning without any problem. One of the best platform for learning online is YouTube – it offers a huge number of channels aimed at those who really wants to learn about coding. So here is the list of these channels.

Different Programming Languages


For Learning C, C++ & Java (National YouTube Channels – Hindi)

  1. MySirG

This is one of the most best channel on YouTube to learn C and C++ language in your mother tongue(Hindi). Videos on his channel has crossed 1 Million views. I always preferred this channel to learn C language for beginners.

  1. Easytuts4you

Hindi language channel has more 3.5 Lakh subscriber on YouTube. This channel teaches C, C, Java & JavaScript in simple language with practical. His teaching skills is so simple and influential.


  1. Zeenat Hasan

This is also a Hindi language channel for C & C++ on YouTube. You can also try her channel.

Zeenat Hasan - Youtube

Some International YouTube Channel – English (For C, C++ & Java)

  1. ProgrammingKnowledge

This is an English YouTube channel for learning programming languages like C, C++ and Java. This is very popular channel in foreign countries.

ProgrammingLanguage - YouTube

  1. FreeCodeCamp

A very popular YouTube channel for learning any programming language for free. He teaches programming with real-time practicals on his computer screen so that you learn how to code on your PC. I also learned C++ from his channel.

But this channel complete all the tutorial in one video, his video are very long like 3-4 hours.


For learning Databases, you may go with these channels

  1. Geeky Shows

This channel will teach you about how to run Database queries with live example. You can easily learn Database queries from this channel in Hindi language.

GeekyShow Youtube

  1. Easy Engineering Classes

Easy Engineering Classes is the simplest channel on YouTube for learning any language. It is best for Engineering students to learn online through his channels.

Easy Engineering Classes

Preferred Books: 

These are some books which will help you a lot. Many colleges also referred these books that I have mentioned below. I also used to learn languages from this book, when I was studying in Jamia University

Download Links: 

  1. Compiler (Turbo C):
  2. Compiler (CodeBlock):
  3. MySQL:
  4. Online Compiler:

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