All About Jamia Protest 2019

Jamia Millia Islamia Protest December 2019
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About Jamia Protest

Jamia has raised its voice against the discriminatory bill now act i.e CAA and NRC combine. Making religion a ground to grant citizenship to anyone goes against the very spirit of India. Its a cunning attempt to realise the unfulfilled dream of those Indians who objected to baba sahab ka samvidhan & even tricolor. It is an insult of our freedom fighters,it is an insult to Pandit bismil and Ashfaq . Jamia was born out of freedom struggle ,so it is fighting tooth nd nail for the very cause it was born.Now as far as the CAA is concerned,it talks about religious persecution.We are not at all against granting citizenship to persecuted minorities. Grant, no issue,but you welcome everyone except Muslims and the lame argument they pose in their support is “can a Muslim be persecuted in an Islamic nation”? Okay, tell me, were you lying all these years when you shouted that ahmadiyas,shias,qadyanis,athiests etc etc are facing persecution in Pakistan? Why you overlook the persecution in Srilanka, in Myanmar ?

North East raised their voice and crushed them. They have their genuine concern, you don’t address any and the only thing you say is “you need not to worry”. You said same thing in demonetisation but we witnessed what happened, so statement is not at all reliable. What do you want to achieve with NRC? You did in Assam, what did you get? Poor accounts the major chunk of our population. How will they manage documents. It will pave the way for bribery. What about the economy of poor. Like demonetisation, you don’t have data to show how many illegal immigrants are there. Seems some sort of mental problem you people are going through.

NRC is simply anti poor, because they will be at the receiving end. So Jamia started a movement against this potential tyranny and we are happy that whole country joined us.

On 15th December 2019

Jamia protest over CAB was mostly peaceful. Students took to the roads, raised slogans and protested against the controversial citizenship amendment bill. It was exactly how a protest should be done. It took a violent turn only when police started a brutal lathi charge on students, beat female students mercilessly, used tear gas on them and pelted stones on the protesters.

Anyway, violence in any form is not justified. What Jamia students did in repose should be criticised and condemned to the highest degree.

Police inside the campus

First of all, who gave right to policemen to enter inside the campus and start a brutal crackdown on students?

Leave entering the university alone, what happened inside the university is horrible beyond words. Libraries were vandalised.

Jamia Reading Hall (Library)
Jamia Mosque
Student during Police Attack (1)
Student during Police Attack (2)
Student during Police Attack (3)

The constitution of India has given every citizen of India the right to protest and question the government. So there is nothing wrong in peacefully protesting against a decision made by the government and hoping for answers or a discussion in return. But the police brutality these students are facing is a shame to our country that calls itself the largest democracy in the world.

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